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Years ago I had twice a Draeger helmet in stock (which was sold on to one customer, came back and then was sold to another customer) The breastplate had serial number 2551. Not long ago a friend here in Holland purchased a Draeger helmet which has the bonnet with number 2551. He is now quite interested in finding back that matching breastplate. I think I sold that helmet somewhere in France but it could have been somewhere else: I do not keep records of the helmets I sell. Do you owe the Draeger helmet with breastplate number 2551 then please send me an email, my friend is willing to make a very reasonable exchange against another Draeger breastplate plus some extra’s. Thanks.

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DRAEGER breastplate #2551 wanted

Wanted: a Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd. cuff expander just like the one at the photograph.

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WANTED: a Siebe, Gorman & Co Ltd. cuff expander

WANTED: Surplus- Vintage- Obsolete- Antique- Old- DIVING EQUIPMENT. Also Diving Books and Other Documentation.


Souvenirs INDEX

A collector here in the Netherlands is willing to make a very good offer or an exchange with the owner of Dräger Breastplate number 1788

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WANTED: Dräger breastplate With Serial Number 1788

For a wooden Siebe Gorman Telephone Land Station: its inner cover with bel mechanism as well as its screw driver: see photo's.

Inner cover with bell mechanism for Siebe Gorman Telephone