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Some 12 years Rob Krul and myself we started up some projects here in Holland. We built ‘Rouquayrol-Denayrouze’ regulator backpacks, followed by a small series of ‘Denayrouze Snout-Masks’. After that we built some German Regulator back-packs which are all made of Brass, and last year a small series of Denayrouze Divers lamps were made. Just like the regulators and the mask also the lamp is a fully functional museum quality replica. Also it is a very impressive piece of craftsmanship: the lamp weights almost 15 kilo and is 62 cm’s high, which is higher then a diving helmet.

Price on request.

More info on our projects you can find here:

The Denayrouze regulator:

The diving mask:

The German regulator:

The under water lamp:

1873 Denayrouze UW Lamp (replica)

Tafel VIII web.jpg
Tafel VIII web.jpg
20100814Ebelt17 web.jpg
20100814Ebelt17 web.jpg